Our Name is Changing!

I have hired a Brand Manager to assist in a transition to a more public Event Center!


Photos, prices, dates, and availability will be posted.


Stay tuned and prepare to attend the Grand Opening coming soon!

Tori Ogren

Tori began her Yoga Education in 2002. Her interest was purely personal, offering classes only to friends and family.


After a series of challenging events, Tori chose to attend Asheville Yoga Center to obtain a deeper understanding of herself and Yoga. While there, she discovered an intense appreciation of Gentle, Restorative, and Theraputic Yoga.


In 2016, Laurel Park Yoga was born.


Tori expanded her knowledge of the yoga-world with a trip to India. Spending time in the presence of Buddist Monks and other fellow Yogi's brought new understanding to both the poses and the belief system.

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