Overview of Classes

 Laurel Park Yoga focuses on working with Beginners to Yoga, and those who may be recovering from surgery or injury. The classes are Gentle and Modified for each person on a moment to moment basis. I work with a SAFETY FIRST mentality.

Class Descriptions


         Gentle Yoga- A slow-paced, often inverted practice to get blood      moving and activate the glandular functions of the body.


Yin - An hour of short naps. No, really! Occuring 100% on the floor, each pose is held for about 5 minutes. Ideal for everyone that feels they are NOT flexible, or people that exercise with heavy weights or other high-intensity activites like long distance running, hiking, biking, or swimming.


Senior/Gentle Yoga - A slower paced practice with several breaks. This class is ideal for people who want more of a challenge than Chair Yoga offers, but need to grow slowly into balances and flexibility.


Restorative - A slow moving, completely relaxing practice in a darkened room with peaceful music in the background. The asanas are gentle and helpful for the body.


Latin Fusion Dance - A high energy dance class aimed at raising your heart rate and breaking a sweat. Choreopgraphed to work all areas of your body; melting away unwanted fat and replacing it with trim, toned muscles.



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