We Are Hiring!!

If you work in any field focused on the Health & Wellness of the public, consider joining the LPY Team.


Pay is $20/hr plus commission on all cash sales. Memberships sold by you include a 5% commision for the life of your employment.


Come by and see the new space! You just might like it!

Laurel Park Yoga

New to Yoga?

Classes are focused on increasing flexibility, balance, and strength. Everyone benefits in their own way based on

their own goals.


What should you expect?

Over time, and with patience, balance increases greatly.

The overall goal for each client is to provide a path to their specific goals that is unique and attainable.


Want more?

As your confidence grows, many new poses become possible. I create paths to those poses that are safe and stable.


Yoga for Every Body!

Whether you are a retiree looking to maintain or improve overall health, or a fit person looking to add a new dimension to your routine, you will find a welcoming place here. Each class is small in order to offer individualized instruction. This keeps each client at the level that works best for them. 

Fun for Every Body

Get Social with Us.

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