Tori Ogren

Tori began her Yoga Education in 2002. Her interest was purely personal, offering classes only to friends and family.


After a series of challenging events, Tori chose to attend Asheville Yoga Center to obtain a deeper understanding of herself and Yoga. While there, she discovered an intense appreciation of Gentle, Restorative, and Theraputic Yoga.


In 2016, Laurel Park Yoga was born.


Tori expanded her knowledge of the yoga-world with a trip to India. Spending time in the presence of Buddist Monks and other fellow Yogi's brought new understanding to both the poses and the belief system.

Ruthie Rodrigez


Ruthie has a true passion for having FUN while staying in shape. She is trained in Zumba, but prefers to be a little more free in the style she teaches.


Ruthie refers to her class as Latin Fusion Dance. Class is one hour from start to finish, has little to no impact on joints, and is guaranteed to get your heart pounding!

Leslie Morril

Leslie Morrill has been a Certified Yoga Teacher since 1984 and Yoga
Therapist since 1995. When therapeutic yoga standards emerged, she received certification through the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Her Classical Yoga training was under direct mentorship of Mataji
Indra Devi, world-renowned as the first woman and westerner to
receive Indian Hatha Yoga and Ayurvedic Medicine training from
Krishnamacharya, “father of Hatha Yoga in the West.”

Leslie’s 5-year training took place at Indra Devi’s Rancho Cuchuma
ashram in Mexico, where persons came worldwide to study India’s
Hatha Yoga.

Offering decades of experience, Leslie served as a founding member
of Yoga Alliance and developed her Classical Yoga training school in
So. CA. to train hundreds of students in the Classical Indra Devi style.

Leslie then embarked upon yoga therapy, to develop programs for
persons with health problems and chronic diseases. She received
medical yoga training at South Coast Medical Center, Duke Integrative Medicine, and Mission Hospital-sponsored “Yoga for Persons with Cancer” training program, at the Integral Yoga Academy in VA. This qualified Leslie to be Mission Hospital’s yoga therapist for cancer research studies. Her role expanded to teach yoga at Blue Ridge Regional oncology nurses’ retreats and for cancer patients at Camp Bluebird in Flat Rock. By request from Mission’s Integrative nursing staff, Leslie created a Restorative Yoga training through which nurses gained CNEs. Because patients and clients need guidance in healthy lifestyle management, Leslie added health coaching to her therapeutic yoga career. She received a scholarship from Duke University’s Integrative Medicine to enroll in the Integrative Health Coach Training Program.

Teaching yoga is Leslie’s passion: to live the healthiest, happiest life
possible is her service in the world, through time-honored Yoga.

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